Enjoy Hot Water Throughout Your Home

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Every morning, your family fights over who gets to shower first. By the time the last person gets a turn, the hot water has run out. You don't have to keep suffering through cold showers-replace your water heater to enjoy hot water whenever you need it.

McKay's Plumbing & Heating provides water heater installation, replacement and repair services for homeowners in and around Penobscot, Blue Hill, Castine & Bucksport, ME. We can help you select a water heater that meets your wants and needs and install it properly.

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3 signs it's time to replace your water heater

Don't wait until your water heater breaks down to replace it. It's probably time to get water heater repair or replacement services if...

1. Your water heater is leaking
2. Your water looks rusty
3. Your unit is making loud noises

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